Oliver & Spencer

Oliver and Spencer had a brilliant idea.

Both are lovers of delicious comfort food. And their person was pushing around the idea of opening a restaurant. Oliver and Spencer conspired to compel their person to open a place that served the cuisine they both love. To do this, they did their very best to show her the kind of food they had in mind.

There were the noses turned up at decadent desserts too fancy and fluffy for their discerning palates, eyes dramatically rolled back over anything containing bacon or sausage, and artisan bread slices hungrily devoured during the ‘testing phase.’

Oliver made certain their person understood his thoughts by brazenly parading in front of her with whatever he preferred. Spencer artfully arranged his top picks in symmetrical designs just long enough for her to see before loudly and enthusiastically devouring them.

Finally, after weeks of exhausting performances, Becky looked at them both and said, “Hey guys! I think I’ve got an idea!”

And Oliver’s Restaurant was created!



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